Author: JB

Celebrating the Gutenberg Press and Woodcut Prints

This morning, when I logged in for the day, I noticed that Google is celebrating Johannes Gutenberg. Gutenberg was the inventor of the movable-type printing press and arguably the father of mass communications. I’m someone who has been a member of the press, dedicated his career to strategic communications, and …

How to Lose the Information War: An anxiety-fueled romp through Russian interference in Eastern European media and what it means for the US.

We watched Russia sow disinformation, undermine the democratic process, attack the underpinnings of civil discourse, and use grey area information war tactics to enflame ideological and physical wars and cause chaos.

YouTube Tries to Clean Up its Act; Tik Tok Wallows

Approximately 40 percent of the app users are under 24 and the app has stated that it was designed to appeal to people under 18. The app does not curate content and due to the content, it is not legal in China. However, it is still based in Beijing. If it is not intended to radicalize and divide us then it has become the home for some of the worst humanity can offer up.